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Teenage Problems/Guy being a bit...creepy?


Earlier this summer, I went to a music camp so there was about 30 people(14-18 years old) so once it had finished I added everyone online because I live at least an hour away from any of them. Earlier today, I got a message from one of the guys there who is 18, and going to uni in the town where I live next month. He suggested meeting up sometime when he was around just as friends, which I was ok with because I can ask a friend to come along too. Then he started talking about how beautiful I was etc and he said that I seemed like I had a good body for 'doing stuff with a guy.'
I really don't think he's the type of guy to do anything inappropriate if we ever did meet up but I know from other people that some of the guys who go to the camp are a bit...strange.
I'm going to ignore him for a while, and hope he gets a bit less weird, but I'm not sure what I should do. I made sure to mention the fact that I was 15, to his 18 to see if he would stop but he didn't. Is it likely that he was just being a bit overly complimentary or that he really sees me as an object I guess.

Hi Lisa,

This guy may be interested in you, and then again, he may not be. In my opinion, he's not interested in you for any other reason than sex. He's stating it plainly when he says that you seemed like you had a good body for "doing stuff with a guy". I personally would read that as an indirect statement as to what he wants and what his goal is.

The fact that he is 18 and you are 15 tells me that he is an adult, even if you two are both in school still. He should NOT be attempting to harass you sexually, and yes, that is what his good body statement is (if it's making you uncomfortable) when there is an age difference like that. With him being 18, he will be out of school soon (if he isn't already) but by American law, if you called the cops and tell them he is harassing you, he would be labeled as a pedophile because you are still a minor. I'm not sure how UK law works, but that is how it works here in the US.

My advice, ignore him. Send him a clear message to leave you alone and save the conversations and any message he sends you, along with your clear messages for him to leave you alone. If he continues to harass you, let your parents know, and show them the proof. This proof is not because they wouldn't believe you, but in case they choose to talk to the boy's parents or get authorities involved, you have documented evidence of what's been said as well as your clear statement for it to stop.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck!


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