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pls help iam in a prblm...
Iam in love with someone....we are in love for 5 years....
one day he told me he have some prblms there and he said that don't spoil ur life and choose your own way...we are studying now....at diffrnt place which are far apart .....we loved each other under many prbms ..becoz my parens are not supportive..so we loved this 5 years with out seeing and talking.....he will come 2 see me once in a year....I have trust on him becoz he loved me that much/....when he told like that to me I cant believe.....iam ready to live with him under any prblm..I told this to his mother and she gave me confidence..bt I want to speak to him......to say I will wait for him.....thre is no serious prblm to him....I know it and he dnt want to leave me...he doesn't study anything..bt he have many drms...his mother told me that he reaveled that he cannot fulfil his dream without studying..so he went abroad to find a job with ut studying.....I don't know. what to do..

Hello Sls,

I'm sorry, I have to be honest, I don't fully understand the concerns you have. I'll do my best to answer you from what I can understand and if you want to write in again and clarify a little more then by all means do so :)

It sounds like you really love this guy and if you trust him and he said he loves you then that is good. I think you really need to talk with him as often as you can and have a serious discussion with him about the future of yours and his relationship.

You said that you would like to move in with him - you must find out if he feels the same way, sooner the better, so you know where you are with him regarding your relationship. Before you commit whole-heartedly you have to find a way to talk with him.

So he is not studying but has gone abroad to find work; is this his passion that he is working in?

You could always follow him to whichever country he is in once you have finished your studies but you must, must, must talk to him to discuss your's and his future.

If it is true love, then you will always be his and he will always be yours.

Why does your Mother not approve? Is it important in your family to have the blessing of your Parents? And what would happen if you did stay with him, would your family still be there for you?

Follow your heart Sls.

Caroline :)

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