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hi i am a boy who cant really talk to my crush/crushes. when i fially are Abel to be With her alone i cant think or talk, even if i have prepeard what to say. is there any thing i can do?or am i stuck With the fact that i cnt talk to Girls??? like it was this 1 girl that i was bestfriend With and suddenly i got a crush on her and i started mumbling and stuff. it is so akward beacuse my friend use 1-5 hours to get a New girlfreind and every time i trie to talk to my crush it ends upp With that i am akwardly walking away while my friend is dying of laughter.
wha am i supposed to do??? btw srry for my spelling i am Norwegian not English so my spelling isent prefect but i hope you understand what i am saying

Hi Sjur,

When you get ready to talk to your crush/crushes, just relax and take a deep breath. Sounds like you just have a high anxiety towards talking to crushes, which is normal. I used to be weird about talking to my guy crushes....and still do occasionally.

No, you are not stuck like this forever. You just have to learn how to relax and settle down. Even though you might be crushing on them, try to talk to them like they are just another friend. It may help out with that anxiety.

You might want to take a friend with you that can tag along with you in a group outing with the crush....kind of like a double date. It might help you relax as well, if all 4 of you together. Maybe have that friend talk to you crush first, to let her know that you are a little shy (not to tell her that you like her...that should come later, by you), and potentially suggest that she try to start a conversation with you about something you like. Sometimes when a person confronting this issue can be engaged in a conversation on a topic of interest, it can make breaking the ice a little easier.

I hope this helps you a little bit,


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