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Hey, I'm Millie and 14 and have a wierd question.  Been reading lots of dad/daughter stuff here.  I think I am sexually atracted to my dad, he is in good shape and just makes me feel so loved.  Recently just him and me went on holiday, we had joining rooms which was cool.  We had a huge private balcony and just being with him made me feel so horny I was shaking.  When he oiled me I was just wanting to jump him my vagina was throbbing.  The second day I bathed next to him topless, my nipples like bullets, he oiled me but avoided my breasts saying I should do it, I did and he watched, I was hyper horny my crotch soaked.  When I oiled him he was on his back and had the tiniest briefs on, as I oiled him I saw his penis swell inside his trunks, it kind of went straight up.  Half hour later I excused myself and rubbed one out in seconds.  Each night I would hang my bikini on the line in the shower in the bathroom between our rooms.  Late one night I saw the light on in there and my bathroom door was open a crack so I peeked in and saw dad jerking with my bikini pants wrapped round his cock, it was a monster and I went back to bed and fingered myself like crazy.  As the week went by each morning I noticed the crotch of my bikini becoming more and more stiff with  hsi dried cum.  I got into a routine of wearing it in bed around 9pm and masturbating in it, tugging the crotch up my soaking wet slit to m ix my juices with his knowing he would notice when he took them to wank into.  Each day when I oiled his front I came so close to touching his hard cock through his trunks my hands shook, my vagina throbbed and I had to go often and rub myself.  He would oil my legs and thighs and almost right to the top, I so wished that one time his hands went all the way and touched my crotch.  Is this bad, do any other girls feel the same??

Hi Millie,

To answer your question... YES! This is very bad and yes, other girls do feel the same way. This is not a healthy relationship and it seems like your father feels the same way. You need to stop these types of actions immediately.

He's your father, the one who brought you into this world. It's normal to find your father attractive, handsome and all that good stuff. I happen to think my dad is very attractive and handsome. However, never in a million years would I find myself sexually attracted to him.

As much as your dad turns you on, you have to turn him off. And with him being your father, he should know better. I know that you're young and all these hormones are racing through you but this type of relationship with your father isn't healthy and it needs to stop immediately.  

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