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I'm 16 years old, and all my life I've always been a target. I'm extremely quiet, but somehow the spotlight has always been on me: Whether if it was in a positive way or a negative way. I get told by many that I'm very good looking, but I've been told by a good amount that I'm ugly too. Like I said, I'm quiet, but I always catch someone talking about me behind my back or on Facebook. A few people have made pictures about me and posted them on Facebook with my picture calling me ugly and saying all this other stuff about me, and I've done NOTHING to them. I mean, I appreciate the fact that I'm always in their heads and they're just so focused on me, but why? I've been told that I look very intimidating, but what's that supposed to mean? I've fought a girl and beat her up in front of a lot of people in school because she wouldn't stop messing with me. When people talk about me, they either do it over the internet or wait until I leave the classroom. What is it about me?

Hi Shakira,

Thank you for writing to me.  Please, Please, Please don't let people bother you.  People are going to talk about you if you are beautiful, ugly, fat, skinny, bald, short, tall, etc. etc.etc.  Some people have nothing else to do with their life but talk about people.  You don't have to do anything to anyone for them to find something to talk about.  I know it can be difficult, especially at your age to ignore them but be grateful that you are on their minds.  

It sounds to me that either they have nothing else to do or they are jealous of you.  This cyberspace thing is just so bad.  At one time, people would come to your face or send you a message but now the punk way to do it is on facebook.  There are so many cowards that hide behind cyberspace.  You do you and let them do them.  If you ignore them they will find someone else to pick on.  Most people that write things on facebook just want to get a rise out of you and other people that are too coward to step to you.  

Don't let them get to you.  People will post lies and degrading things about you but if you can ignore it, please try very hard.  If you are 16 you are in school and hopefully have a goal in life.  Work on you and ignore them.  Again, they may be jealous of you and you cannot help being you.  What are your goals in life?  What grade are you in?  What are your grades? You sound like a very lovely person.  

Dr. Lee

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