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HTC One SV  
HTC One V  
QUESTION: Am I being ungrateful?

Okay, so my mom just bought me this HTC One V phone. I previously had a ZTE Score and it was good for half a year until I got a new Micro SD card for more memory and somehow I stripped/jammed the slot. So, I could not take picture, save music or any operation that requires saving. My other issue which is probably the main one is it's CricKet and the service sucks balls. My mom has a Galaxy 4 and I was stuck with a ZTE Score which really really sucked. And I let it rode until last weekend she bought me this HTC One V. Only problem is, it's FATALLY FLAWED! This thing is more flawed than Titanic's design. I can't use my headphones for some reason, well I can't get any sound out of them except from the radio app, there's NO front-view camera. I have to sit or stand with a mirror in front of the camera just to know where and what I'm shooting a snapshot of, there's no SD Card for memory. I can't use instagram to post a picture without a card but I read reviews saying it doesn't take SD Card or won't read. Why is there a SD slot then? My grandfather says I should be grateful I got this phone. Grateful? Grateful for what? A slight tiny upgrade from what I had before? It's frustrating and depressing enough I have to sit with a mirror in front of the phone to know what I'm take a shot of. M mom on the other hand has the FRESH New and almighty Samsung Galaxy S4 on a damn good network in at&t. Where if I had to rely on what I have to make a call, I'll be dead! It's sad my mom has a phone that can do all that, most people in my school have phones that can do that. Most I see have iPhone 3-4's. Most in school got front cams. What do I have? Same type design except with a flashlight. My mom says at least yours has flashlight. Flashlight? What am I gonna do with this thing? Dig through tunnels with construction workers? I think Gal S4 has flashlight but she probably don't know it or see the app. I'm 17 years old, I'm a damn smart student with a 3.2 GPA looking to have a career in nursing in the future. And I get trashy quality? I got computer smarts and I get trashy quality? I'm trying hard to get a HTC One SV which is way better than a HTC One V which glitches for a living than give fun apps and service with more features. It's like $300 but I hate this phone. It's flawed. Fatally Flawed. Seriously, I can understand and take the bad service because at&t, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile are all expensive and she really thought about getting Metro when that's the worst of ALL! I just want features. I'm not going to lie, I'm those individual who try to find ways or make a way to have fun with certain tools/features and apps and I kinda have fun with the flashlight. But it does NOT fulfill my needs and desires, I require a front camera, I require a memory card or storage with lot's of space, I require to be able to view videos without the screen being stuck at a scene of a video, I require being able to download all or any apps to social networks. Is that too much? Honestly is that too much? Am I being ungrateful? How am I being ungrateful? Please help me out here.

ANSWER: Hi Robert,

Thanks for your question.  The short answer to your question is YES!  If you did not have to pay for it (and you are old enough to be expected to start to carry your own weight financially) then be grateful for what you get... if you want something different buy it.  It is dangerous to expect someone to carry you instead of you dealing with it yourself.  If you want something... work for it and go get it.  Just because you want it does not mean someone else should be burdened to get if for you.  To expect someone to just give you stuff... just because is the sin of presumption.

Psalm 19:13 (AV)
13 Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me: then shall I be upright, and I shall be innocent from the great transgression.

I hope that this helps you.

In Christ
Pastor Don

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QUESTION: How though? I can't get a call from a Burgerking or McDonald's job. Like I see girls in my girl apply one day then two weeks later they have a job with the company but I don't get squat. IT pisses me off I didn't get a call and I applied and followed up with every single one of those suckers. Can you blame me? How can I carry myself when companies give all this BS about you got to be at least 17-18. I am already 17 years old and done the same dedicated process and could not get a job. I just want good quality tech. I'm in another area and get no reception bar.

Thank you for this follow up question.  Part of adulthood is realizing that you cant have everything you want when you want it.  If you don't get a job... keep on knocking keep on working... earn your way.  If your parents give you something be glad... if you want more... earn it... if you can't earn it yet... then make do...It is not a God given right to have the latest tech....  the quicker you deal with that... the quicker you can take control of your own destiny rather than waiting for someone else to hand it to you.

In Christ
Pastor Don

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