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Hi Caroline

I was wondering whether you would be open to the opportunity to speak at a workshop relating to teen insight this Wednesday 25th in London. If you would like to discuss more please email me, it would be great to hear from you.

Hope to hear from you


Hello Lauren,

Thank You for considering me to be a speaker at the event. I didn't get your message until the actual evening it was being held.

If you could answer a few questions for me I would most certainly appreciate it.

Firstly, I am actually based in the Greater London area. May I ask what your particular role is in these events? You mentioned that it is a Workshop, do these get held periodically or was it a one-off special event? Can I ask what the event was about and who was coordinating it? I as it is important for me to know and I may be able to attend and speak should there be more Workshops.

I would like to know as well how many people are attending and what type of people are usually there, be it Workers, Therapists, Teenagers, Teachers and so forth? What organization it is that you belong to and who puts together these workshops along with how long they go on for?

If you have read my Profile you will see from there the kind of ratings and feedback I get from the teens I work with. Many questioners, most often than not, post their problem as 'Private' questions which is why many talks are not visible.

About me: I actually care about these kids and know how it feels first hand to have nobody to talk to. That was the predicament that I was in at that age and why now I give my time voluntarily to be there for kids that are going through a difficult time and need some support and advice.

50% of the teens I talk to are one-off chats where the issue is solved immediately and they require no further assistance. And the other 50% of teenagers; we work through things together, repeatedly like with numerous follow-ups, until their issue is resolved and they are ready to move on.

So if you care to answer the questions I have asked, and you or your organization are looking towards putting on more workshops in the future, then maybe something can be arranged.

I hope it went well Wednesday night and if you care to elaborate on the evening then do feel free to write in and let me know how it went as I am interested.

I wish you all the very best,

Caroline West.  

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Hi.I can answer really all questions regarding to any problems that you are facing at the moment. You can write to me with any concerns you may be having around relationships, friends, boyfiends, girlfriends, sex, losing your virginity - I can answer any worries and doubts you may have. If you are feeling Depressed or Angry and you don't know why, I can help. Plus If you are feeling a bit lost and out of place, talk to me. Is there stuff going on at home that's causing you hurt? Are you having problems with your parents? - I'll help you. Anything as well to do with the Emotions I understand. If you are feeling like you are not coping and/or your school work is suffering, we can talk that through. Are you suffereing from bullying, cyber-bullying? I'll help. Religion, where you may be questioning your Spirituality. Drug and Alcohol problems and questions, if you're worried it's getting out of control or perhaps a friend is going through issues. Whatever's going on around you or inside you, feel free to write in. I'm here to help anyone who's having a tough time and with some tough decisions to make. And if you have wandered off the path a bit, I'll help you get back on track :)


I had a tough time being a Teenager. I had suffered bullying, feeling alone. I was very rebellious too and I hung around with the wrong type of kids and started smoking and I got into Drugs before I was even 13. I lost my Virginity at the age of 14 which I now know is a precious thing. There was a lot going on with my home life and I felt very alone with Parent's that didn't understand me. I became very depressed and felt I had no one to turn to, I felt lost. I'm older now and have dealt with the things that went on and have a better life. So I do understand and I really am here to help anyone that writes in who wants a listening ear and support :)

Organizations which helps various causes all over the world.

I have schooling up to A Level, College Diplomas. But what I really have to offer here is valuable 'life experience' :)

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I have returned to after a year long break. Before I left I had been with All Experts for over 3 years and worked in many categories ranging from Teenage Problems, Abusive Relationships to Drug/Substance Abuse and many more. I have just returned initially to help Teenagers out that are having problems.

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