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Heyy, hope everything's well :)
I really like this guy .. We've known eachother for about a year now. Went out for about 4 times and two of them were only the two of us.
He flirts and sometimes I think he likes me
He asked me why I don't date and I told him I don't like
Dating and I feel there are more important things in life. Then I said plus I haven't found the right person and then he was like so if you found him will you date him?
And I said no.
The thing is he didn't change. I mean he keeps flirting and keeps showing he is interested in me even though he knows I don't date.
He's going for army next week .. He's 22 by the way and I'm 19. I'm gonna
Miss him so much and I don't want him to leave.
We were joking and in the middle of the words he was like who knows what's gonna happen in five years .. We could cut off with eachother or we could be best friends or we could get married.
What do you think I should do? And why do you think he still flirts and shows he's interested even though he knows we won't date??
We're supposed to go out before he goes to the army and I don't know what to do when we do.  Please help me. Thank you

Hi Sarah,

This guy you like still flirts and shows interest because he likes you. You may have told him that you don't date, but many guys are go getters. Just because you tell them no, doesn't mean they'll stop. So that's why he still flirts with you and shows interest. You also mentioned that you don't date because you don't like to which is fine. That's your right. Just don't lead this guy on though. Don't act like you really like him and have feelings for him if you never plan on dating him. Then you send mixed emotions. If you only intend for him to be your friend then let him know that. But don't only want a friendship and then turn around and show him different feelings. So you have to decide what you want and go from there.

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