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Teenage Problems/Is it wrong for men to wear panties/thongs? How can I hide it for daily wear?


QUESTION: Okay, this may be strange. But I'm actually through with men boxer briefs. I still have a soft spot for tighty whities and that's it. My mom is judging me because I'm making a transition from male briefs to female underwear. BTW I am in college living on campus. To clear things up, I am a feminine man. Not gay. Not that there is anything wrong with gays. But I'm actually seeking to order panties that are leather, vynyl , or patent leather. Mostly patent leather (I find it a sexy material). I was always been fond of patent leather as well as wearing skinny and super skinny jeans. However, I'm asking for advice how can I pull this off being at college. People in my residence hall will touch your laundry and throw it on a table or the washer or wherever they place it. I fear someone may tamper with them when I don't come to the dryer in time when its done and someone may throw it somewhere or actually look through my stuff and find a graphic shirt they seen somewhere and remember me as the guy wearing it. Then I'm exposed. I got vynyl, leather, and patent because you can wipe it clean. You can clean it with a Lysol disinfectant wipe, right? I do love silk and nylon but I can't risk somehow being caught.  I'm not as big as an Ox, but I'm a tad bit big or a little fat. I'm 5'4 and 149 lbs, but I can still see my gents and feet (so you know, well, my feet for the most part if I stand perfectly straight.). So, try to figure that size and shape. But, I'm looking for a way to hide it so nobody notices. You know... like how you be walking and whatever and you don't notice that your pants slide down after a while of walking even with a belt. So, I can care less if they see the print of the thong or panties through my pants because they shouldn't suspect it unless they see a super thin strap of some sort from parts of my shirt being tucked in or the wind happens to blow it up from the back. Weirder things have happened to me. But I need to know how to hide it. I find it kinky, but I honestly don't mind wearing it unless the strap is a nuisance to my ass crack. But the ones I picked, the straps aren't too thin, they're a lil wide. One thin strap ones I'm about to order are on the hips.

ANSWER: Hi Robert,

There's nothing in writing that says that men can't wear panties or thongs. Although there was a point in time where it was unheard of, it seems like now a days more men are doing it. I can understand your moms concern. After all, her son just told her that he wants to wear women's underwear. I'd be a tad concerned too if my son told me the same thing. Nevertheless, it is your choice.

If you're concerned about people seeing the underwear, you can easily wash those by themselves in your bathroom sink or tub. It's not like you're washing a shirt or a pair of jeans. Underwear are easy to wash by hand. If you don't want to do that, your other option would be to sit and wait for your laundry to dry. If I were you, I wouldn't use Lysol on something you need to wear on your body. Lysol has different chemicals in it that's probably only for cleaning purposes. You don't want any of that stuff touching your body.

If your pants slide down while you're walking with no belt on, then they are too tight. I know you mentioned that you're into the skinny jeans thing, but tight pants can slide down sometimes. So when they do, there's no way to prevent your underwear from showing unless you are wearing a shirt that's tucked into your pants. I want to also let you know that wearing tight underwear can lower your sperm count, so take this into consideration if you ever plan on having kids.

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QUESTION: Okay, so from the links I have given, would they be okay for daily wear?

Hi Robert,

I can't answer that question for you. You have to decide that because you're the one who is going to be wearing them. I definitely don't think the last link to those underwear would be a good daily wear. I've never worn leather underwear so I have no idea how those feel. I don't think I'd wear leather underwear, let along everyday, but that's me. You have to wear them so you have to decide if they're comfortable for a daily wear for you.

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