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he asked to have sex

ive been with my boyfriend for 4 months, im 16 and hes 15. ive done stuff with guys in the past but im his first everything. i really really like him, like hes honestly the best. Anyways weve done pretty much everything but sex and i know im ready, hes the only one i want to have sex with and be with. its just when he asked me to have sex thats when reality hit. we didnt do it cause my sister was coming home so he said we could wait till another time. anyways im not on birth control which is the main reason im not sure if i want to yet other than that im ready. wed obviously use a condom but what if it breaks? and i think he only has one which is kinda sketch cause what if it breaks while putting it on? i dont want to go behind my mums back and get bc cause what if a few months from now she talks to me about it but im already on it, shell be pissed. i cant ask her about it either cause shell probs flip out, but i just wanna be safe. should i just do it once with the condom and no bc and just pray nothing happens or should i wait and hope my mum talks to me about bc soon, but it probs wont be for awhile

Well why don't you ask yourself these questions if you have sex and get pregnant are you prepared for the consequences and is the boyfriend ready to be a father??? Do either of you work??? If you have sex you have to prepare for the consequences that birth control is not 100percent effective....You can say oh everybody does it or friends do it all the time often times people will talk and say they are having sex to be popular when in actuality they haven't had sex.....When you are older and have a job and are supporting yourself and don't live with your parents and you are in a relationship that perhaps has a future....where both you and the other person are in a position to deal with the consequences together without other people being affected by your decisions maybe then you will be ready for sex....I have three grown children they are in college now and none of them have children or are married......they all have friends that are married or single with children and without and the ones with children are excluded from get togethers because young people don't want a crying pooping baby spoiling their fun.......You want to have sex while you live at home talk to your parents it is better to talk about it before you have sex then after having to tell them you are pregnant or that you have a sexually transmitted disease ....

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