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So i was getting to know this guy. He's 21 and i'm almost 18.
We went out three times. Two of them he sat with me and my bestfriend and the first time i saw him he just said hi and left.
He used to text me like every single day or call me.
And he used to flirt a little.
But since the last time isaw him which was 4 days ago. He completely changed! He didn't call or anything so i decided to call him he said he has finals and quizzes this week in college but he was nice when i called him, like he didn't change the way he talks to me but he didn't flirt or anything.   And he said he'll call me the next day but guess what? He didn't call me or even text me. His last seen on whatsapp keeps changing and no matter how busy he is, he can at least text me.
I feel like im available at all times to him and that he can call me whenever he's bored or something.
And i don't want to be available at all times. I want him to chase me a little.
I don't think he likes me. Do you thhink he lost interest?
What can i do now? Please help me.
Thanks :)

Hi Sarah,

I honestly believe that he's busy with finals and quizzes. You're in high school so you should know all about that, I sure do. I agree that he can at least shoot you a text. However, when finals and things of that sort roll around, you tend to get a bit busy studying and stuff like that. This is especially if you want to do good in school.

Now I don't think you're his girlfriend quite yet since you've only been out with him three times and two of those times your best friend was with you. I know you don't want to lose his interest, but always calling him isn't going to help because then he'll start thinking that you're becoming clingy.

I would give him some space for a while. I know you want to be chased a little and there's nothing wrong with that. It helps you determine if a guy is really into you or not. I just think you're catching him at a bad time right now because of his studies. I honestly believe that if he didn't have to worry about finals, then he would still be texting you on the norm.

So, I wouldn't worry about it. Give him his space during his finals. Besides, you don't want to interrupt him too much while he's trying to study. Give him some space and once he's realized that he hasn't spoken to you in a while or that you haven't called or texted him, then that's when he'll get in contact with you.

So stop being available to him right now and let him do his thing. Once he's done with his studies then I bet everything will go back to the way it was.  

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