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Okay so from where should I start? I got I introduced to a guy through whatsapp. I know it's completely wrong but he turned out to be nice, classy, and we found common friends between us. So I think now its's okay? Or still wrong?
He asked to see me and the first time I agreed, he just came and said hi then he left. That day and thefollowing days he kept whatsapping me like all the time. We talked the whole night.
He even called me on the phone and whenever he calls we talk for not less than one hour.
And then he asked to see me again, I went to see him but this time I was with my friend. And then he wanted to go eat Sushi and it was my first time I try sushi so I went with my friend (the one he saw before) and another friend. It's just that I don't want to be alone with him while we still don't know each other one. My friend didn't try sushi it was only me and him and he paid for me. I don't know why but he did. Then my friends left so we say alone for like one hour. He showed me pictures of his family and he started to talk about himself.
Then he had exams the following week so he. Didn't talk to me much and I didn't talk to him first. And then he doesn't talk like before, but he starts the conversation. And he called me a couple of days ago. He still has exams this week and then he'll finish. He told me he wants to go out with me alone next time but in an indirect way.
I don't know if in doing the right or wrong thing! I know I shouldn't open up to him and we don't know each other well but what should I do? I kind of like him. Should I go out alone with him or not? And how should I act with him? And do you think he likes me or not? Help!

Hi Maria,

Anytime you communicate through social media sites, apps or anything that allows you to communicate with someone via technology, you need to be careful. You should do whatever makes you comfortable. It's normal for a guy who likes you to want to spend time with you alone. But the fact of the matter is that you don't know him well enough for that yet and you're not comfortable with it.

I'm not going to tell you if you should go out alone with him or not, even though I know that's what you want to know. Only you can determine that. I'm here to help you make a wise, comfortable decision about your situation. If you don't feel comfortable about going out alone with him, then don't go. Better safe than sorry. If he gets offended then oh well. If he likes you then he should understand.

I don't know how old you are, but if you're a teen then make it a double date or something. Let him know that you'd feel better with friends around while you two are still getting to know one another. Now if you do decide to go out with him alone, tell someone where you're going. If he drives a car, get the license plate number, make and model of the vehicle and give it to someone. Let multiple people know where you are at all times. Text a few times through out the night if you can.

Now you should act normal while you're with him. Just be yourself and you'll be fine. There's no need to act or be someone you're not. From what you've told me it sounds like he likes you but it's too early to tell. Go out with him and see how the date goes. You'll be able to determine for yourself if he likes you or not.

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