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Hi scarlett :) i sent you before about this guy ignoring me.
He called me just yesterday. We talked for an hour. And he said he has midterms next week and then he's free.
I didn't ask to see him and he didn't ask me either.
He said last time you told me your friends are going to leave early amd they sat like the whole time, and then i was like next time we go out i wont bring them. Did i do anything wrong?
Should i go with him alone next time or not yet?
We talked a lot. And then he closed. He was supposed to go somewehere so i texted him and i was like how's the road? And he answered very late and said he didnt go.
So i said that's better ( because he told me the streets are going to be busy and stuff)
We didn't talk again. I think i should wait for him to call me.
The problem is i want to make him chase me and i don't know how, i don't want to sound too available to him amd at the same time i don't want him to lose interest.
Can you please advice me what i should do the next couple of days if he talked to me, or if he didnt?

Hi Sarah,

It sounds like this guy wants to spend time with you without your girlfriends so I think you did the right thing by telling him you won't bring them next time. I think that the next time you two go out that it should only be you two. But that's only if you're comfortable with it and if you know him well enough.

The thing is that not all guys like to chase. Some do and some are too lazy for it. So you have to figure out if he's a chaser or not. You don't want to try to make him chase you and he just says, "Forget it." So to find out which one he is, you can start out by doing little things.

Don't be the one to call him all the time. If you've gone a few days without calling him and he hasn't called you then he's probably not a chaser. If he's not trying to make dates to see you often then he's probably not a chaser.

Let's say he asks you to go on a date. Don't be so quick to say yes. You could say something like, "I'll have to check my schedule" or "I'll let you know if I'm free." You know, something to that effect. If he doesn't really try to get you to change your mind so that you can go out on that date, then he's probably not a chaser.

The thing is to not let yourself be so available to him all the time in order to figure this out. Just don't let it last too long. If you've figured out that he's not a chaser, then don't keep trying to make him chase you... you'll only chase him away. You'll just have to come to terms with the fact that he's not that type of guy, and you'll have to figure out if you still want to continue seeing him even if he's not.  

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