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Teenage Problems/being too scared etc (im a goodie two shoes)


Hi, I'm someone who is a perfectionist and has to do well in everything, I put pressure on myself and end up doing stupid things, basically there was a test coming up and I was really scared for it so my friend was helping a friend and I revise and I left with her book so my friend gave her their book. The teacher found out and they both got in huge trouble but I would all be ok if she gave her book in so the teacher knows we didnt cheat. I felt really guilty and tried to find it however my friend isnt responsible and has lost her book (unless she hasn't been given it back) and it needs to be in for monday but because it is the weekend I cant look at school. Im so scared of what the teacher will do as I've never had her before. I dont get told off 99% of the time and so I don't know what to do. Please help ASAP im desperate here. I know this all sounds stupid but it's more serious than it sounds.
Thank you very much x

Hi Kayla,

I suggest tearing your house apart to look for it there. If you can't find it at home then I would go to school on Monday and explain what happened to the teacher. It might not be as bad as you think if you just told the truth. You didn't mean to lose the book and you weren't cheating. Explaining what happened to the teacher sounds like a good idea. Those are pretty much your two options.  

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