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Okay so I previously sent you about the guy I like but sometimes he ignores me and stuff.
We were going really good, we talk. And like when I told him in a sarcastic way you didn't answer my text  he was like you're the first one I called when I finished exam and that's special. He asked to go out on Thursday but Thursday came and we didn't go out. My phone was off and he had to go somewhere with his family.
He then said let's make it Tuesday, he told me that everytime we go out he's the one who calls and plans it so this time he asked me to call him the next day to plan what we're going to do on Tuesday. And I called him on Monday but he didn't answer, he texted me we talked for a bit but he didn't say anything about the outing. The next day he only sent me goodmorning and he didn't talk to me the rest of the day. And we were supposed to go out. Now what should I do?? And why do you think he's doing this?? I was thinking that if he asks me to go out again I would tell him I'm not free and then if he calls I would close the call and maybe say I'll call you in a bit and the. I don't call and ignore him. I don't know if he likes me or not, please help me and tell me what should I do :) thank you so much.

Hi Sarah,

Why is he doing what? He probably didn't say anything about the outing because he left it up to you to organize. It seems like you're still trying to play hard to get and it may end up back firing. If he didn't like you then he wouldn't talk to you or want to spend time with you.

Stop trying to play hard to get and just say what you feel. From what you're telling me, it doesn't seem like he's a chaser. If you play hard to get, then you might chase him away. If you really want to know if he likes you or not then just ask him. That's the only way to truly know. But ignoring his calls and trying to make him chase you seems like it will only push him away.

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