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hello. I am a happy girl with a great family, lovely school and nice friends but lately I have been feeling sad all the time. I have this weight in my chest and sometimes it makes it hard for me to breathe. sometimes it gets really bad and i start crying and I wont stop for a long time. I am always tired. I have tried to talk to my parents and they have tried to help but they don't understand. I feel lonely and I have a few medical problems which don't help my situation. I guess its probably the hormones that are making me crazy. I don't want to do anything any more and I am worried about my school work. All I want to do is listen to music, watch tv and read. I have tried to find a way out of this problem but I havent been able to. can you help me? do you know what might be causing all this?

Hi Leda,

I don't know what may be causing this however, I do have some suggestions that may help you figure it out. Do you have any idea why you feel sad? Is there something that has happened in your life that makes you feel this way? Have you thought about talking to a therapist about your issues? You have to first figure out why you feel this way and then go from there. Did it happen all of a sudden? Think about what could have made you feel this way. It may just be your hormones but it could be something else as well. Life can get tough during teen hood. Things will happen that you can't explain and your body will go through changes. The only thing you can do is try to keep yourself motivated. You mentioned that you have a great family and nice friends. Well keep them around then. They won't let you stay down and depressed. Continue to do all the things you used to do and you should be fine. If it gets worse then I suggest talking to a counselor or therapist.

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