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Teenage Problems/urgent help.feelings :( need an answer asap


Hello Scarlett,
i have a big problem which is very distracting. I used to have a facebook for a long time  and made lots of friends at that time. there was a guy a met who had a best friend and his friend sent me an invitation one day. we kept on talking and we were just having fun,chatting and perhaps flirting but we kinda fitted together and i started to like him. we started talking every day from that moment and things got serious ,we used to put each other nicknames and tell each other we liked or loved each other.i was 15 that time and he was 17& a half. i never gave him a phone nr or anything bcz i was a little bit scared because i didnt know him.his friend then got jealous.dont get why because  he had a GF and he used to tell me :stop talking to my best knew me first and u forgot our friendship -.- !  anyway after some times things changed. this guy who i liked i guess was sure i d do anything for him because i had started to like him a lot and stopped caring. for example during his Bday i wrote him a message but he didnt answer and then i got said and sent him sth like: i guess ure too busy for me.have fun on your bday.and he responsed very badly,that he was with his friends and that i was destroying his bday etc.then a friend of mine told me some things about him that made me angry so i shouted at him.he got cazy and made me say sory to him& told me he would forgive me because he felt sorry for me. i mean how can a person change :( he was so sweet and then he turned into a big a sensitive person and i understood bad things were happening to me.i wasnt myself i was lying my parents crying for him when he just didnt i just closed the Facebook and let him know.he got crazier than before and started shouting like a mad person telling me i shouldnt have done that,telling me that he had done everything for me ,he had protected me in front of his friends and that i liked 272717 people-which was not true ;i liked only him :( he was the one talking to every possible girl .after that he was very harsh , swearing to me /but i remained calm even though i felt heart broken. perhaps he has once liked me perhaps not! the problem is that it have passes 2 years and i have closed my FB now bcz it has caused me lots of tproblems but i still remind him -.- i cant forget him.i once saw him in myspace and on instagram and everything went back in my mind the way it had happened.but i shouldnt feel for him,he has madee feel like a garbage and i have been hurt for months because of him.i dont deserve to be treated like that :( but i dream of him ,and wish things were differently.what should i do ? im very distracted bcz im a senior but it seems to me that i still feel sth. when i closed my facebook he made a status telling:"no matter how much you do for people and how much you care it is never enough,they always leave u in lots of i have seen all ! " sorry it took so long but what do you think i should do?thnx

If you can't forget him then try reaching out to him. If he's a her to you then you should move on.  But it seems like you can't forget him so reach out to him.  Tell him how you feel. You're a senior so if you go to college you'll meet other guys.  He's not the only guy you'll date.  You'll meet others. If you want to save the relationship then you have to make the first move. If he turns you away then forget him and move on.  

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