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So I don't know if your the person to ask bit here is my problem: I am 12 and have know about sex since is was eight. My parents have tried to hide it from me but I really want to talk with them about it. My first sex education lesson is on Friday and I want my parents to talk to me. My problem is I don't know how to start the conversation without it being awkward. As I don't think my parents know I know about sex. I don't won't it to be awkward or my parents to get angry or upset, so I need your advice!

Hi Natasha,

I love these types of questions! I'm glad that you want to talk to your parents about sex. They have to know that at some point you are going to want to learn about it. So with that being said, a sex talk with your parents is going to be awkward because it's your parents. But there are ways that you can ease into the conversation without just blurting it out.

I don't think that they will get angry (or at least they shouldn't) if you bring it up. I believe assuring them that you aren't having sex and don't plan to for a long time, will help ease their minds. Most parents are worried that their children will have sex too soon, especially their daughters.

Here's something that you can do. When all of you are sitting down together or having family time, just start talking about school and your classes. I know most parents ask about how their child's day went at school so that's a good time to ease into the subject. Let them know how classes are and what you're doing in school.

Then you could say something like this... "I also have this sex education class/lesson on Friday. So I guess my teacher is going to teach us some things about that. But before I go to that class, I wanted to talk to you guys about it."

Then you can see what your parent's response is from there. They should engage in the conversation with you and start asking you if you have any questions. Then you go from there and ask anything and everything that you want. Let them know that you'd rather hear from them about learning about sex rather in a class. Or at least you would like for them to prepare you for what you are going to learn.

I commend you for wanting to go to your parents and ask them about sex because a lot of teens your age don't. You wouldn't imagine how many questions I get related to sex and while I'm here to help and guide, it's really a topic that parents should be discussing with their children. But I also understand that not every teen has that outlet. Most of them learn about sex from friends and the sex education classes.

So I think if you just ease into the conversation like I stated above then you'll be fine. Your parents should be there for you all the way and I doubt they get mad at you. You won't know unless you ask. Just be sure to add that you don't plan on having sex for a really long time (or until you're married... that'll really ease their minds) and everything will be fine.

Good luck Natasha, I know you can do this!

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