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QUESTION: Hi steven. I started masturbating from an early age even before i got a wet dream .i masturbated twice each day but then i reduced it and now i have stopped masturbating completely. My current age is 16 and i now want to get a wet dream but on some web sites i have read that as i masturbated before getting any wet dream so i wont ever get a wet dream is it true ?how long will it take to get a wet dream after leaving masturbation as i left masturbating 2 weeks ago and still havent got any wet dream. Sorry for such long question

ANSWER: Well there are two issues here first off there was nothing bad about starting to masturbate prior to having a wet dream. A wet dream is simply your bodies natural way of keeping everything healthy. Your testies never stop producing sperm. This means that it makes it and unless you ejaculate on a regular bases the sperm gets old and this can be bad. So if this happens your body releases some sperm as a wet dream. A wet dream is simply a ejaculation that your body needed.

Usually it is near impossible to have a wet dream after after you start masturbating as there is no real buildup since you are regularly ejaculating. The build up that causes wet dreams is often from puberty prior to you being able to ejaculate your body starts making a supply of sperm so yor ready to impregnate a female as soon as your body is ready. Usually this supply builds up a ton before you can ejaculate. So you have a wet dream to release this early sperm

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QUESTION: As  you said that when sperm build up so we get a wet dream and i have stopped masturbating so sperm would be storing  up so is it possible that once again the sperm count builds up and i get a wet dream

ANSWER: after maybe months of waiting. Like three months of no masturbation at all

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QUESTION: Firstly  thanks steven for helping me so far. As i would get wet dreams after alot of time and i am not masturbating so the sperm would remain in my body for long time so will it effect my body negetively

Well seeing as how a wet dream is essentially the bodies way of saying this is unhealthy and thus i must fix it, I would NOT recommend anyone try to get a wet dream. The body knows best and when your body does something to rid itself of a toxin or something that is not healthy/beneficial then you shouldn't try to make your body do it. Your body has several defense mechanisms built in to protect itself from harm. For the health of your reproductive capabilities for men the body has the wet dream to rid itself of harmful or old sperm cells, thereby eliminating something that is harmful to the reproductive capabilities of your body.

I cant say that there are any proven negative effects of trying to get a wet dream however as mentioned above I wouldn't recommend trying to force your body to cleanse itself.  

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