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Hii. I choose u cuz u look realli friendly lol kay kay my question =]

I met this guy online who lives America (I liv in UK) and he said he was 18 ( im nearly 15 btw) . After watchin catfish my bestie forced me to quiz him again.he smokes weed so his memory isnt that good and he told me (the 2nd time) said hes 21. So he lied to me about that but i forgave him =).  is it ok for us to hav such a close relationship considering the age gap. Oh and he knows my age but we sexted once (wen I thought he was younger) and stuff ( but I hav never sent nudes) . Is he just takin advantage of me and wat shall I do ? Apparently im kinda mature for my age n we hav alot in common.

Thx 4 takin ur tim 2 help :)

Hi, thx for your question. I think the biggest issue is that you live so far apart. I'm unclear how you can/will maintain a relationship with that distance? The other problem that you have brought up, is that you don't really trust him (he lied once and you wonder if he is taking advantage of you) so...... do you want to be in a long distance relationship with a guy you don't really trust? I think that is what you need to answer. The age difference, at your age, is significant (someone in their 20s, 30s, etc with a 6 year age difference is no big deal) but I think the other points are more important. Hope that is helpful.   All the best.

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