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The other night I went to a party, and there was a guy there that I've met several times before. I have spoken to him, but never really had a proper conversation. Everytime I've looked at him, he's been staring at me, and I kind of like him. Anyway, at the party he was really drunk, and went to bed. When I went to use the bathroom he was laying in the bedroom, and he wanted me to join him. I declined, because there were many people around, and if you make the wrong move, you will be seen as a slut. The only problem is that I think that I like him a lot even though I don't know him, but he's also a few years older than me... (I'm 16, and he's 19).My question here is, should I make a move the next time I see him at a party, or should I just ignore the whole thing? And do you think he's only using me?

I would say no for now as you have not really had any interaction with him outside of  party where most people are not in the best frame of mind especially because you are both underage for the consumption of alcohol. Usually when minors start to drink they are most often drinking to get drunk not to have a good time or enjoy the drinking. So that being said he is probably not thinking straight. So I would say you should never really make a move at a party where one or both of you have had any alcohol whatsoever. This will prevent you guys from doing something you will regret later on like having sex or anything else like that. I cant say if he is "using" you or not but I can defiantly tell you if he has had any alcohol at all he is not thinking clearly or logically.  

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I have been helping teens and adults with all kinds of questions and concerns just like yourself for many years. I can answer any kind of questions dealing with puberty, sexuality, emotions, and issues with you parents. I have lots of experience searching the internet and my universities library for any sort of resources I may need to better answer your questions. If I don't know the answer to a question you have I will research it until I have a good answer to your problem. I am not that great at answering religious or relational problems but I am willing to work with you until any question is solved. I was a teen just like you so I may know what you are going through and I am always willing to work with you through these troubling times. I check my email daily and I am willing to spend as long as it takes to help you work through your problem and make you feel better about whatever is troubling you. I love to help people out no matter the issue or time of day. I understand that you want an honest answer without being judged by someone or worried that they will reject you because of what you are going through. If you prefer to talk one on one more privately please feel free to ask me to do so and I will be happy to chat with you via email or some other form or private messaging. I know that some questions and concerns are a little more personal then you want to allow to be public.


I know exactly what it is like to go through high school, both the good and the bad. I did not have the fairytale high school experience in fact quite the opposite. I am a Christian who is also a scientist so my views on religion are not one sided. I enjoy helping anyone in need and will try to the best of my abilities to make you feel better in any way I can. I have ADHD which has made me struggle to get to where I am today, but it was worth it. In my journey to get here, I have gone through some very troubling times, as well as developed the skills needed to aid those around me with anything that is bothering them. I have access to many peer-reviewed journals, textbooks, and many other resources that can aid me in the hunt for answers. I often will spend hours even days looking for the answers to your concerns and will do my best to help you to the best of my abilities.

I am a member if my local chapters of Golden Key and Sigma Alpha Pi both of which are honor societies who select students in the top ten percent of their class to join. I am a member of the American Chemical Society and I have presented at national conferences on my work as an undergraduate.

I received my undergraduate degree in chemistry from a prestigious university in 2011. Currently, am attending graduate school full time and am working on my Ph.D. in chemistry. have extensive knowledge of teenage problems, as well as how puberty affects the body and mind. I love to help people no matter what the situation is so please feel free to ask me anything. However, I am best at answering questions dealing with life as a teen including sex, puberty, and your body.

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