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Hi scarlett.Okay so this problem is a little bit weird. Im a very sensitive person and i feel everything.i worry abouy every detail. I just did two of my final exams.they are national exams and those grades let us go to a state university based on the points you ve gathered. so literature was too difficult but i did it. i was hoping for a ten but i dont think it will be a 10 (A) perhaps it will be a 9(B) . the problem is that im too afraid to check the grade. i have studied a lot for these a good student and i did the best i could do .i mean i studied till the last fay and learned everything.But ive never been good in maths so i worry about litetature now, whats wrong with me? why do i keep feeling so anxious like i ve done worse than a B . these grades will determine my future and im under so much has been days that i think about these grades and i told my dad i had done some mistakes and he was a little bit mad.i mean he was like;i thought you had done excellent. What could i do more? i have studied all high school.yesterday i could not sleep because of anxiety. I think im afraid of disappointing my parents but mostly i feel bad with myself.i get very sad from a bad mark and i blame myself. i know when im going to see the result i ll start shaking .ive two other exams left and im afraid i ll lose motivation if i dont get a good mark in the first ones. what do you advise? Thanks

Hi Micah,

I can certainly understand being under a bit of pressure regarding your grades. It's hard not to worry about them when you're as dedicated as you are. What you have to realize is that you can only do your best and it sounds like you have. If you don't get the grades that you want, then you know that you'll have to work harder in order to achieve your goals. If anything you should gain motivation if you get a grade you don't want. That should push you to do better.

You can't let yourself get worked up over your grades though. It'll cause you stress and a lot of other things you don't want. It doesn't sound like you're the type to get anything below a B which is great. A university will accept you with those grades. Even a C won't prevent you from getting into a university. Your parents want you to do well and I doubt they'll be disappointed in you. As long as you do the best that you can then they shouldn't be.

Know that you are a very smart student and you take pride in getting good grades. Tell yourself that no matter what grades you get that you did your best and that's all anyone could ask for. It's okay to be upset if you don't get the grades you want, but don't let it get you down for too long. Pick yourself back up and do what you need to do in order to get better grades. Don't down yourself Micah. Have confidence in yourself and you'll be fine.

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