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Okay so it was our third date but our first together alone. Like all the previous times he went our with me and two of my friends.
I acted like an asshole.
He seems so influenced and knows so much information and I'm not that type of girl.
I acted in a very stupid way.
And he was the one who was keeping the conversation going, I was silent unless he talked.
He didn't call me after the date.
No one of us confessed that he likes the other but I have a feeling that he will lose interest.
What should I do? Should I ignore him for a bit and then see what happens? I'm afraid he's the one who's going to be ignoring me .... Help me please

Hi Carla,

He didn't call after the date because of the way you acted on the date. You weren't engaging and you may have acted like you didn't want to be on the date all together. I'm not sure why you acted the way you did, but it's a good way to get a guy not to like you. At this point ignoring him doesn't sound like such a good idea. I'm not sure what you meant when you said he, "knows so much information." Do you mean he's experienced?

Your first step is to decide whether or not you like this guy and if you want to continue going on dates with him. If you do, then I would suggest giving him a call and apologizing for the way you acted on the date. Let him know the way you were feeling, if you were feeling a certain way.

Suggest making it up to him by going on another date where you'd act like you were on a date. You could even go a step further and buy his dinner or something like that; just any little gesture that shows him you're interested in him and you want to keep dating. If you continue to act the way you did on this recent date, he'll be sure to ignore you and you'll lose him.

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