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Hi scarlett.I wanted an opinion and advice.Ok,so i met a guy online some days ago .Im 18 and he s like 30 not married or anything.We talked for hours an dthen he gave me his number.I didnt phone him for like a week(ive never been in love and had no relationship).Then i wasnt seeing him on chat so i texted him on whatsapp only.He replied and we started chatting.He was funny and man of few words.We used to exchange selfies lol.But not sth insulting or dirty.And we had a talk like friends.I learned a lot about him.Anyway he isnt attractive.I dont see my future with him or anyway. But i find him a nice friend.and id like a mature friend.the problem is that: some days ago he sent me a pic with his friends.and i joked telling him:ur friend looks attractive hahahha .it was a joke i just wanted to see his reaction. and he replied:umm okay.i told him then:it was a joke. and he said:ok. he was giving little answers and i typed:okay sorry for bothering you.have a nice day.bye. Then he deleted his whatsapp.i mean i didnt do anything.i reacted normal.i thought he had important things to do and thats why his answers were so short. What has he felt? what do u think? i talk too much so ive told him other days if i bother you tell me.but he was strange.anyway i texted him on whatsapp: You could have told me i was bithering u but instead you got rid off me.all the best.Im sure he hasnt seen it as he has closed his whatsapp.as i said im not obsessed.he was just a nice friend. I have no intention of bothering him on his phone bcs he ll probably not answer my calls or anything.what do u think?thankx

Hi Mia,

I think since you do't really know this guy, nor are you interested in him, then you should probably forget about him. Also, the fact that he deleted his account without letting you know, shows me that you weren't that important to him. You were only talking to this guy for a short while you you hadn't established a relationship or anything. If I were you I wouldn't call him. He wasn't even a friend. He was more of an acquaintance and that's it. You know things about a friend, you knew nothing about this guy. Forget about him.

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