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Hey scarlett. I met this boy online. Then we met in person. I liked him(want to emphasise ive never had a boyfriend before and he s so gorgeous). But we re so different. He goes out even during the evening and too late , he has had plenty of girls , he knows stuff about sex and so on. And im shy , barely leave house because of super obsessed parents and yeah im used to be cold to boys(perhaps im afraid - i dont know how to behave&im
quite inexperienced). I mean we kinda liked each other . The problem is that it has been a month since we talk to each other everyday. And these days he s been a little bit cold. I mean i write him waking up texts and yeah he writes me back but i feel like i have to remind him to text me. I feel im becoming boring :/ . and i feel i would be inexistent for him otherwise. And his texts well are cold. However he tells me im
not boring and he likes talking to me. Sorry for watching too many romantique stuff but i like when a boy wakes me up with beautiful texts or writes me how he feels and he s all: umm i like you. You are the nicest girl ive ever met and so on. but no emotions :/ okay people are different. the last time i met him he couldnt give me a kiss and he was a little bit mad cause i left him and ran haha :P worried parents. So he s not capable of doing anything with me. No coffee :/ we can just mert on edges or roads .and it sucks Lol. So what should i do? im feeling he s too cold and perhaps im going into monotony. Sometimes i feel sticky too. :/
ps. im 18& he s turning 19


You sound conservative where he's more outgoing. I would be mad too if someone just ran off on me. If you want this to work then you have to be more open. If you continue to act shy and cold you could run him off. Of the texts ate boring where you're not saying much, then he will lose interest in the conversion. You have to open up more. Explain to him how you feel. Communication is the key and it's very important that you two are honest with one another. Talk to him and ask him how he really feels about you, then
go from there.  

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