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this boy i like is cute and yesterday he groped my breasts[under the bra] i think its just hes lustful towards me. today i want to know if i should hang out with him or does that make me a slut/friends with benefits

So there is two major issues here that need to be addressed. The first is that if he is groping you in anyway shape or form and you are not ok with him doing it then you need to stop him because that is sexual abuse. Dont ever let anyone touch you that you don't want to be touched by because it is your body and you get to decide who touches it and who doesnt. If he continues to touch you against your wishes you need to distance yourself from him and tell a trusted adult.

Now whether him touching you makes you a slut or a friends with benefits is another issue. You should not care about what others think of you because everyone is entitled to their own opinions and if they think you are a slut or just a friend with benefits then they aren't your friend to begin with. Now if you think you are a slut or a friends with benefits then you need to sit down with yourself and examine why you think that about yourself. If it is because that is what others think of you then you need to ignore it and remember you are beautiful just the way you are. However if you think letting him touch you was wrong then don't let him do it again or if you think you are being used by someone then you need to take it up with that person and again distance yourself from them.

Always remember this. You are only defined by what you think of yourself as. Never forget that you are beautiful the way you are and don't ever let anyone take advantage of you.  

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Since I am a teen just like you I have either gone through or helped people through mostly every type of teen issues. I can answer any kind of question dealing with puberty, sexuality, emotions, and issues with you parents. If I don't know the answer to a question you have I will research it until I have a good answer to your problem. I am not that great at answering religious or relational problems but I am willing to work with you until any question is solved. I am a teen just like you so I know what you are going through and I am always willing to work with you through these troubling times. I check my email daily and I am willing to spend as long as it takes to help you work through your problem and make you feel better. I love to help people out no matter the issue or time of day. I understand that you want an honest answer without being judged by someone just because you are going through some tough times. If you prefer to talk one on one more privately please feel free to ask me to do so and I will be happy to chat with you via email or some other form or private messaging. I know that some questions and concerns are a little more personal then you want to allow to be public.


I know exactly what it is like to go through high school. I am a Christian who wants to be a scientist so my views on religion are not one sided. I enjoy helping anyone in need and will try to the best of my abilities to make you feel better in any way I can. I have two loving parents but we have our issues. I have ADHD that has made me struggle to get to where I am today but it was worth it.

I am a member if my local chapters of Golden Key and Sigma Alpha Pi both of which are honor societies who select students in the top ten percent of their class to join.

I am attending college full time and will be focusing my studies towards becoming a chemist. I have extensive knowledge of teen life, since I am still a teen. I love to help people no matter what the situation is so please feel free to ask me anything. However I am best at answering questions dealing with life as a teen including sex, puberty and your body.

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