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So last year, I dated this guy from my school. We dated for a long time & I eventually gave him my virginity. But my parents found out because I thoughtlessly left the condom wrapper in my room & they discovered  it. At that time it was summer & I was 16. My parents overreacted by confiscating my phone, selling my car, forcing me to quit my job, & refusing to allow me to see friends for the entire summer. Shortly after I got ungrounded, the boy & I began to contact each other again without my parents knowledge. It's been a year since that incident & we've recently decided to start dating again. My parents have no clue, we have been sneaking around to see each other multiple times a week. I am head over heels for this guy & he has a huge piece of my heart. What would be the best way to tell my parents? How do I go about it without getting severely  punished again? Should I tell them now or wait until I am 18 & legally allowed to make my own decisions? Please please please help. I'm in love with this boy, but I highly respect my parents & their wishes. I'm so confused & torn between my heart & my mind.

Well it's a sticky situation and in all honesty, I don't see the "good" really in telling them, because I would continue to date and if at 18 years old you are still dating then you can go to them and tell them that this isn't just a fling, that it is the real deal and that you are truly in love

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