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Hi, i'm 18 years old. I have just completed high school and during my last 2 years, i had a guy friend and we have mutual feelings for each other. we're not exactly a couple cause we're not used to these things but we are very comfortable and understanding with each other. eventually, he will be in the same college with me soon.
on one hand, i think that its great cause we don't have to "separate". however, i'm having second thoughts. i'm a very studious person and i do not know how my life will be affected with him in the same college.
My main problem is my parents. they say they don't mind but they are constantly "warning" me against being in a relationship. we've never actually been apart for long, we constantly keep in touch through phone at the moment. Assuming all these factors, should i just let things flow or try to put a top to it?


I honestly think you should just let it flow. Even though college is much different from high school, you and this guy seemed to be doing okay during those times. Since you're not exactly a couple, then you really don't have anything to worry about. If it works out during college then great, if not then move on. You're in a different environment now where you'll be around plenty of guys.

I understand your parents warning you about being in a relationship, but parents can be over protective at times. I'm not saying to defy them, but if you never get into a relationship, how do you expect to marry someone (given that you want to be married one day)? You wouldn't just marry someone without being with them for a while and knowing who they are would you? Well, I guess some countries work that way but not mine. You're 18 now and old enough to make your own decisions. Just let it flow and you'll be fine.

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