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Hi, i'm 18 years old. i have been going on with a guy for about over a year. before me, he had a crush on another girl for quite a while but he never confessed to her. having that knowledge, initially i was jealous of her.
they have quite a number of club activities together (including a music band). she did nothing to me so i tried to ignore the feeling. but until now even the mention of her name makes me a little tense and my mood changes.
to be honest, i know he is loyal. but why do i still get jealous even when i know he will prioritise me? why do i still feel jealous of the other girl even if they were never even an item? i'm always afraid that my jealousy will overcome me cause i am a very possessive person.

Hi Alexandra,

It's quite a normal feeling to feel jealous of this girl, especially when you know your guy had a crush on her. I think at one point, everyone gets a bit jealous. You probably feel this way because even though your guy is with you, because you know that he used to have a crush on her, you probably think there's a chance that she could take him away from you or he'd leave you for her. You probably feel a bit threatened because you know that she is someone that he once had a crush on.

However, if you honestly trust him and you believe that he wouldn't do something like that to you, then try not to worry. Also, try not to be upset or have bad feelings towards the girl. Even though she is someone who your guy had a crush on in the past, it's quite possible that she never felt the same way about him. Again, being jealous is a normal feeling. However, don't let it become so great that it interferes with your relationship.

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