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Hi. I am 15 years old and my mom is my only parent as my dad died a few years ago. Sometimes I go into one of these moods when I just get angry over something and shout and yell and even throw things. A few days back when I got really angry my mom took me over her knee and spanked me. It was the first time she has spanked me since I was 10. The spanking hurt but it was not so bad. But after the spanking was over I felt very calm and sort of relieved. It was the way I used to feel when she spanked me when I was small. She hugged me later and said that she was very sorry for what happened and that she wouldn't do it again. But the weird part is that I feel like I need her to do it again when I get really angry. Is this normal?

Hi Ross,

I've heard of spankings making people more angry but I've never heard of them making someone calm. I'm not sure if this is normal or not but ultimately, you need some type of way to get your anger out. I don't think spankings are the way to go though. Every time you get angry, you can't go to your mom and ask her to spank you. That doesn't seem right. I just think you need to find another way to calm yourself down when you get angry. Maybe punching a punching bag or pillow may help. Find other ways to let off some steam because I don't think your mom is going to spank you every time you get mad.

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