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hey i d like a quick answer please. i have a guy in my class we re at uni and he kinda liked me but he s  a guy if many women. and im jealous. we re not bf gf but we used to date and we kissed. we havent done anything else. And there s this girl in my class. she s not beautiful while im pretty they say. And yeah they used to drink coffeee together and im a very sensible type. he always promises to change around women so not talk to them when he s with me but doesnt manage to do this. ive forgiven him 288382 times. And today we were together and this girl came sit somewhere and then told him she wanted to be near girls(there were boys next to her) and he was joking and told her to sit next to him. he saw i was mad and sad but i express my feelings . however i dont talk or say anything. i was just reacting mad like not talking or smiling. Perhaps i was jealous but he turned to me and was joking with my hair then i told him : stop it and he started doing the same things with her. and he was in the middle of us u know. she did not say him to stop it. in fact im inexperienced around men even though im good looking. she has been with 2-3 men previously. And i was mad . he saw it and come on . she rubs his back, grabs his hand -.- he doesnt do that with me. Plus, i was with girls there friends and i think they understood it. That girl even understood it. And i dont know what to do ? how can i react in class? i feel ashamed. he had given me his notebook and i gave it back to him but in a very bad way like throwing u know: He texted me whats that behaviour and i asked him not to contact me ever again because it is the 389239 time that he flirts with women when im around. i left then and he didnt even came after me. -.- I want to cut off every connection with that person and im so mad. what should i do in class though? Ps. they might be friends but i hate that he sees im mad and tries to make me more angry with her. thats his intention -.-

Hi Jess,

I'm going to give you my honest opinion. You may not like it but it's the truth. If I understand it right, "uni" means university. This means you're out of high school and you are now an adult so it's about time we start acting like it. You and this guy aren't dating, you're not together and you don't have a romantic relationship. You can't tell him not to flirt with other women around you, that's not fair.

The fact that you're jealous is something that you'll have to overcome and you throwing tantrums when he does flirt isn't helping. He's not going to chase you and he probably pays those other women more attention because they pay him attention. They're not upset when you're with him. It seems like they act as if you're not even there and they simply engage with him.

So if you truly don't want anything to do with him then that's fine. When you're in class, act normal. If he tries to talk to you and you don't want him to, ignore him or ask him not to speak to you.  But try not to get the angry face and emotions when he talks to other women cause all that's going to do is make you even more mad.

I think maybe you're holding on to some feelings from when you two were dating and perhaps you still like him. So maybe you need to address that and figure out if you want him back. When this guy becomes your boyfriend then you can talk about being mad about him flirting but since you two aren't in a relationship, there's not much you can say about how he interacts with other women.

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