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I know this isn't directly related to your specialties but I can't find an area on All Experts for this question to be appropriately asked so could you please try your best regardless.

I'm 18 and still at home. I usually do my chores when my mom is at work but I slept in as I was helping my friend (who as a really bad flu) at her house until late last night. By the time I got to my chores, my mom was home. I finished all my chores except putting the clean dishes away (I swept and mopped all the floors, did three loads of laundry and was supposed to wash the dishes except mom got to it first). I took a break as I was tired. While I was taking a break, my mom said "please put the clean dishes away" so I came into the kitchen...she was already outside taking the garbages out. She came in after I had barely just finished the silverware, was angry and told me to get out of the kitchen immediately and then, as I was leaving, I heard her mutter to herself about how I am always leaving the room without finishing my chores and how I've done it once again.

Can you please explain why my mom acted like this?

Hi Danika,

You've landed in the right place. There could be several reasons why your mom responded the way she did. She could have had a long day at work and was tired when she got home. She may have been frustrated because on top of being tired, she had to come home and do chores as well. I don't think your mom meant what she said. I think maybe she was just tired. Sometimes parents get overwhelmed and say things they don't mean. At the same time, I think they jump to conclusions and don't take what kind of day their children have had into consideration. Did your mom know that you were caring for your sick friend? I would try talking it out with your mom. Let her know that you try very hard when it comes to your chores. I believe you two can come to some type of understanding.  

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