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Teenage Problems/Found pot in daughters clothes


QUESTION: My 16 year old daughters behaviors and choices have been on a downhill spiral the past 2 months and correlates with her hanging out with her new boyfriend. She is defiant, ran away from home with him for one night and were found camping illegally on a dangerous cliff at a beach, wont talk to me and hates me , and I found a bag of pot in the pocket of her jacket when I was doing the laundry. I tried to get her counseling because she kept saying she wanted to kill herself because she couldnt stand living in this house anymore but she got so angry she took off to her dads house 30 miles away . Her dad doesnt have custody and literally lets her get away with having sex with boyfriend and buys her anything she wants and thought the pot I found was " no big deal everyone smokes pot".
My question is two fold. She is planning on going to a Reggae music concert with the boyfriend. I was planning on telling her last minute that Im not letting her go because of the running away and the fact that I found pot in her and that she wouldnt go see a counselor. She will hate me even more but I feel I cant let these things she has done go without consequence. Her dad took her shopping and to get her hair done and even had the nerve to ask me where the concert ticket was . What is your advice? The boyfriend has been telling my daughter that if she stays living with me that he will break up with her because I called the cops when they ran away. Thank You

ANSWER: Hi Anne,

Thank you for writing to me.

I have a few questions for you.  How old is this boyfriend? How long has she been defiant? Do you have other children? When is the concert? Is she enrolled in school?

Dr. Lee

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QUESTION: Dr. Lee, The boyfriend just turned 17,Defiant behavior and/or poor decision making started about 2 months ago,no I do not have any other children,Yes she id enrolled in school- will be a junior, the concert is Thursday July 16( tomorrow)
Thank You!

Hi Anne,
Thank you for getting back to me. I would not let her go to the concert.  I would forbid her from seeing her "boyfriend" anymore.  If you can speak with his parents, which I don't see them being positive influences in his life at this point, I would try that tomorrow during the day.  She would not be allowed to go to the concert.

You have to show her that she cannot control you by telling you that she hates you and wish that she did not have to live with you.  You have it extra hard because you do not have the support of her father, but he is condoning what she is doing.  I would tell her that if she leaves the house the police will be at the concert to get her.  If need be, get a restraining order to keep her boyfriend away.  

It appears that this defiant behavior has been tolerated because you did not realize it was slipping up on you until it was out of control. I am not holding you accountable for the defiance because these young people are so clever today that by the time the parents realize that things are not going well, it is too late.  However, you cannot let her do as she pleases.  If she is caught with pot, the first thing that she is going to say is that you are aware that she smokes. That is unacceptable.  

If she does not want to go to counseling, contact the Juvenile Department in your area and make them aware of what is going on.  The one thing that you do not want is to be held responsible for what she is doing. You need to let the authorities know that you are aware of what is going on and that you are asking for help.

I know this is your child and it hurts for you make these decisions but it will be worse if you do nothing.  

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