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Good evening Madam. I saw you are more experienced on relationships field and I have this question which is tearing me apart. Here I go.
 How come a guy i used to date treats his new girl better than me? I mean i used to date him and i used to do a lot of him like a lot of commitment. On the other side he used to tell me all the time that i was such a nice person and he didnt deserve me and he liked me a lot but still had a friend with benefits, frequented night life and made me feel like a loser by flirting with every girl he met? When he was with me it was all the time him telling him how much he liked me , becoming nervous about my guy friend but I felt like *begging him* to compain me on the way home and the flirt with other girls never stopped. Then my dad phoned him for becoming too obsessive and giving me kinds of orders and making fun cause he had another girl he only slept with. While with his new girl he s completely different. He started going out with her to get me crazy but i didnt do anythinf even though he kissed her in front of me. But i mean he always compains her and they are together 24/24. She even skips her lessons just to sit with him in our lessons and he does the same; but he didnt do this for me even though i could be nicer than her , more good looking than her & have a better heart than her or like him more than her. he even posts quotes about being with only one person whereas he used to post pics with other girls back then when it was me. he even was my first kiss.Its not that Im jealous, but is there anything wrong    with me??? Was I not worth it for him to commit to me? I was 100 percent obsessed with him.Thank u
Ps. i know he s the same person with the same flaws. I dumped him because of his behaviours . However they seem the perfect couple in front of me and maybe he s in love(even though he doesnt look like that type to be only with 1 girl) . But he seems in love and he may not have any friend w benefits anymore because of this new girl. Its not jealousy i swear. Its just that i was dedicated. Why could he fall for me. what didnt he love about me ? All the best kylie

Hi Kylie,

You can't worry yourself over why he seems to treat his new girlfriend better than you. Did it ever cross your mind that he may treat her better in front of you to make you jealous? And you mentioned that you were obsessed with him. Maybe that was one of the problems. It's not healthy to be obsessed with anyone. Maybe they just mesh better together. You said that you dumped him because of his behavior so it seems like you dodged a bullet. He may be one way with her out in the open but different with her behind closed doors. You simply don't know. If I wondered about my ex boyfriends and their new girlfriends, I would lose my mind. But it's not something I care about because they have to continue to live their lives and I have to continue to live mine. I would be glad that they're happy and found someone to be happy with. Maybe you  should think the same.

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