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Hello, hope this message goes to you. I met a guy recently online. We went out only once and he seemed cool and as far as i understood he liked me (we text all the time). However he has not asked to go out with me again. Even the first time i was like pushing him. He is a nice guy, dont get me wrong and i dont think he has anybody else , but he s too busy with his job. Has to work long hours and so on. Every week he has two days off and this week he spent one with his family and the other one, i was hoping he would ask me out, but he didnt. He said he had some document problems and so on. Anyway, he was busy after that and could have said me something. Instead he stayed home and later went out with the boys. As i said we re in contact all the time but these days he seems cold like he texts me 1 at least 2 a day while before we d talk like 6-7 times a day. I dont know whats wrong. I also go to school and we met in a cafeteria there. He owns a car and sth tells me (insticts) that if he wanted to see me he d come and give me a call(guys like that dont exist know right?) but he doesnt do that. even when we met he was 14 minutes late . Perhaps im being obsessed & i dont wanna seem clingy but i kinda mentioned him whether he missed me beause it had been a week since we met and he said yeah yeah but i dont show it. And he skiped the discussion somehow. I live with my parents and im an only child and they are super overprotective so i cant go out late at night. I just feel that if he wanted he d come but he either is too lazy or i dont know. On the contrary, why would he still text me?? Somehow it seems like he s keeping me on and off to make me miss him more or just keeping me there when he needs sb . We even had a discussion about that and he didnt say anything( about him not making any effort). I dont want to sound obligative to him. No guy would like pressure or just make him mert me. But i cant continue like that, if i give sth i want a little bit of effort in return. What do u recommend? Thank u :)


It seems like he has a lot on his plate and maybe a girlfriend isn't fitting into his schedule at the moment. Maybe he doesn't have time to talk 6-7 times a day anymore. I would suggest having another conversation with him regarding the relationship. Ask him if he wants to continue having a relationship or if he needs space to fulfill his other obligations. There's no need of him stringing you along if he's not going to be committed. So have a conversation with him about it and see what he says. Then you two can go from there.

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