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Teenage Problems/Boyfriend issue help me as soon as possible plz


Hello scarlett, ive asked you about my boyfriend once considering that i had doubts about him because he s the adventurous guy and im the good girl. Im probably being overreacting it but today he texted me at 10 pm and he was out and then stopped texting me. I sent him an sms ; i know you re out, have a good time; just wanted to say good night and he didnt respond. we are always in contact+ when he goes out with his friends or maybe a live music he always lets me know but today he didnt which is suspicious and i think he might be with another woman. im  such a sensitive person and i ll probably burst out on crying if i start a fight because he ll probably end it with an OK - do whatever u want. He tells me he has never met sb so good as me and he s proud of me and sees his future with a girl like me but on the other hand he gives a look at girls in the street or their bodies while we are having a coffe cause im not that thin or have not their shapes (im normal) and he told me to get thin and i made w big fuss and cried telling him sb who loved me should love me this way. Plus this is how anorexia and other stuff begins. Then he told me to eat and he was sorry because he liked me this way. sometimes says he makes fun of them even though he has a girlfriend( but he says its for fun and he has not betrayed me) . :( Im such a nice person and im afraid im being lied+ i dont want to get hurt and now he s not as pursuesive as in the begining (back then if i was sad he d say he was sorry or ask me to stay) but now he just takes me for granted somehow. Even when we meet , he says he s going to meet me and sth random comes accross and he finishes that. While i leave everything or take a taxi just to be next to him :/ we ve discussed me being sensitive and that i dont like him not notifying me but he ll probably find an excuse by tomorrow like his cel was turned off . I dont want this to end bad since he s my first boyfriend (we re not intimate yet) but we re at the beginning. What can i do ? Please help me :( what should i say to him? Thanks


It doesn't seem like this guy is completely into you but you are completely into him, so you stay. He looks at other women and you feel disrespected, but you stay with him. He told you to lose weight which seems like he's comparing you to those other women. He doesn't accept you for you, but you stay. I wouldn't think about becoming intimate with a guy like that. I think you two should go your separate ways. You don't have to end things on a bad note either. Just let him know that you don't think things are working out and that you believe that you two should go your separate ways. Offer to still remain friends if you wish to do so. You could ask him to change his ways but I doubt he will. You need to start realizing that you are so much better than the way you are being treated and you need to find someone who feels the same way about you as you do them. This guy isn't madly in love with you and the sweet things he says to you is only so he can have his cake and eat it too. I wouldn't be shocked if you were just a side toy for him. Don't be fooled by what he says. If he can't treat you with respect, then he doesn't deserve you.

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