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Somebody hacked my GitHub account and put a website that contains personal attacks and cyberbullying on it. I got it taken down, and avoided trouble at school, but the principal still thought it was me and called my parents. Now I am in trouble with my parents for something I didn't do, even though all the evidence points to me. How do I convince them that I didn't do this?

I am 13, in 7th grade. I am male. Thank you!

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me and I hope I can help.

Cyber hacking has been on the increase over the last couple of years as more and more people do more online. Big businesses who spend millions protecting their systems and even Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) have found themselves at the centre of cyber attacks highlighting how important it is to make sure we stay safe and secure when we are online. But even everyday people from across the World run the risk of having their social media, personal emails and bank accounts hacked if they are not careful.  If you have not done so already, change your password to something people cannot guess and use numbers and special characters to make it even harder to crack.

If someone has hacked your account then there must be a way of proving it wasn't you, even if this means contacting GitHub themselves to ask for information such as when your account has been accessed and where from, if they will share that information with you. If you can find this out, you can prove it wasn't you either because you were somewhere else or at school/in bed when it happened. You may also want to consider who would want to hack your account and what they hoped to achieve by doing it. Hopefully, it is not someone you know but if it is, you will find out about it and need to report it to your parents and your principal.

Mistrust sometimes comes from lack of understanding and if your parents don't know what GitHub is or how it works, they are likely to think that it is something negative that you should not be using. What I would recommend you do is offer to show your mom and dad how it works and anything you have been working on so they can see what you are actually doing on it so they can see how innocent it is and what kind of things other people are doing on it. By showing them, you take aware their lack of awareness about it and are likely to reduce their suspicion about you using it.

Another thing you can do to build your parents' trust again is to let them voluntarily look at your Internet history and what you do online. Chances are that they will not want to know but if you are willing to show them, you are again proving it was unlikely to be you who posted those things on the website.

Trust is rebuilt over time and takes some work. Think about doing what we have discussed and hopefully, things should return to normal.

Good luck.

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