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My fax machine is connected to my phone landline.  I am trying to send a fax . I am entering a 1, an area code, and the phone number of the place I want the fax sent to. I get a error message from the phone company operator asking for an access code in order to send the fax. I don't know what this access code is.  I haven't had a problem in the past sending faxes from my fax machine  Can you tell me what I have to do in order to send faxes in the future. Thank you


There should be no difference in sending a fax as in dialing any long distance phone number.  I am not aware of any special access code originating from the phone company unless you use a long distance carrier that has a different requirement.  Most likely, there is a long distance access code from your place of work; the company I work at has this and it's a pain to get long distance faxes to work because of it.

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