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Hello Ms Tussey,

Thanks very much for doing this volunteer work.

I have been a professional writer for many years and have, mostly, done telecommuting. Often, I subcontract to website designers to write SEO content for their clients across the country. However, I have also written technical manuals, marketing materials and many kinds of documents. Plus, Iíve edited books and a variety of other printed matter.

Because it is sometimes a challenge to find telecommuting projects, I am always interested in learning about legitimate work at home sites or any strategies for finding those jobs. Iím also thinking about starting a home-based business and would welcome your ideas about what would be the most lucrative product or service to sell (other than the wordsmith services I offer now) and the best way to approach that kind of shift in gears.

Many thanks for your advice.

Best regards,
B.J. Snow

From my own personal experience, the best thing that you can do is offer a service that you excel in. If you have been a professional writer for many years, it sounds to me like you have already found what you're very good at. Lots of people need writers for a variety of reasons, as you already know.

Perhaps a good next step would be to create your own website to promote your services. Then utilize networking and social media groups to get the word out there. Please be mindful that it takes time and social media and networking are about building relationships first and then deriving business from it after you have proven yourself to be knowledgeable and legitimate.

Of course, you'll want to check ans see if you need a business license to run a business from your home in your area.

If you don't wish to continue with writing, is there something else that you have significant experience in?  That, too, may prove fruitful. Writing, though, in my estimation, would be a good choice.



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I can answer questions about starting and running a home-based business, finding a telecommuting job, or how to effectively work from home.


I have been a virtual assistant and paralegal for 8 years, working from home. I've also worked from home as an employee of another company.

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