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My mother-in-law lives in an assisted living facility. After talking on her cordless phones she either forgets to push the OFF button or pushes the wrong button. She lays the phone down, but not on the base. The phone remains on the line and when we try to call her the phone rings Busy. We have to call the front desk and ask the attendant to go to her apartment and "hang-up" the phone.

My question is this; " Is there a cordless phone that will turn itself off after a time lapse? Or, is there some sort of attachment we can buy?

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Eddie Castillo


I have never seen such a phone,which doesn't mean there isn't one, but I don't believe there is. For one reason, it would shut off in the middle of a call if the call went over the set time, as it's not smart enough to differentiate between a call going on or just being left off hook.
One way would be if there was a system to detect the "off hook" signal and hang up then.

Her best bet would be to get in the habit of putting the phone back in the base, as this usually hangs it up. another solution would be a corded phone, unless she just really needs the cordless, otherwise try to find a cordless model with simplicity in mind, maybe one designed for seniors, with fewer (and larger) buttons that would hopefully cause less confusion on her part.



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