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My Panasonic KX-TG5210 phone/answering machine combo is not recording incoming messages and number of rings before it (tries) to send the call to the recorder is not what the phone is set for.  The problem(s) recently began.  1) phone is set to go the greeting after 5 rings (I checked and it is still set for 5 rings), but in the past few days, it began going to greeting after only one or two rings.  Even though it still showed that is should send it after 5 rings, I went through the menu and re-enter 5 rings, but that did not correct the problem 2) the greeting that the caller hears is not the personalized greeting that they used to hear (I have pressed the "check greeting" button and I can listen to the personalized greeting, so I know it is still in the phone), instead, the greeting that the caller gets after 1-2 rings is the prerecorded factory greeting that says no one can take the call and tells the caller to record message after the tone.  The tone DOES sound, but when the caller talks, no message is recorded.  Other info: The mailbox isnít full since there are no saved messages.  Twice I tried unplugging the power cord for about 10 seconds or so to see if it might correct itself, but it behaves the same. I did not try unplugging the phone cord (I just thought of that and I'm not at the same location as the phone today, so I can't try that right now). Any ideas on what else to check or try? Thank you.

I can't think of anything that would cause this except the phone is bad. How old is it? If there is an option to reset the phone, you might try that.
Otherwise if you want to keep the phone, you could turn off the built in answering machine and buy an external one. Also, if you still have the manual, there may be a troubleshooting section, if so, look for your problem in there and see what it recommends.

Sorry I can't think of anything else, if I think of anything else, I'll let you know.


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