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I looking at land-line phones with multiple handsets. I want to know if every handset must be connected to electric and a phone line?

most new setups like this only require the main base to be hooked to a phone line, the "satellite" handsets connect back to the base wirelessly. All the bases will need power to charge the handsets, but you can leave the handsets in a spot with no power, given the signal reaches it, you'd just need to put them back on the charger when they get low.

Be sure and get one with DECT (digital enhanced cordless telephone) technology, as these add more security and help mitigate eavesdroppers. (the cordless phones of the 90's could be heard with a police scanner!)


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I can answer questions regarding land line phone systems, wiring methods, troubleshooting, as well as restoration of antique phones. (1900's to 1980's) I am still learning about newer technologies like VOIP and other digital modes, but may still be able to help with these topics from time to time.


I have collected antique telephones since I was a teen, and been involved in wiring of home phone lines, as well as troubleshooting problems with them since around the same time.

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