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Telephones/Wireless Intercom service in Commercial Aircrafts.


Dear Will

Do you feel it is feasible and useful to implement Wired or Wireless Intercom system in commercial airlines to facilatate intercommunication between aircraft crew members, staff and passengers?.



I believe most commercial airlines have wired intercoms already, just for this purpose. I could see problems with wireless, such as interfering with ground communications, etc. Plus, you may have interference issues on the intercoms themselves. I really couldn't provide much more information than this, as aircraft really aren't my area, sorry about that.



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Will Grindstaff


I can answer questions regarding land line phone systems, wiring methods, troubleshooting, as well as restoration of antique phones. (1900's to 1980's) I am still learning about newer technologies like VOIP and other digital modes, but may still be able to help with these topics from time to time.


I have collected antique telephones since I was a teen, and been involved in wiring of home phone lines, as well as troubleshooting problems with them since around the same time.

I have studied basic electrical fundamentals through classes in a technical college, as well as extensive reading on the subject in my own time. I have also helped Electricians and telecom installers on and off for some time.

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