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Hi,my name is mans and i am a network engineer but facing a problem i want to use telephone copper cable shielded type for more than 300 meter distance with 100 pairs kindly answer my question.

I am afraid I don't quite have enough information to answer this question.  That is, what type of circuit will this be used for?  Analog Extensions, Digital Extensions or exactly what?  

Also, what GAUGE of wire does this Cable have? (26, 24, 22 or what?)

Telephony--Clecs, Long Distance

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Jack Morgan


I will be glad to answer questions about your Merlin Legend and/or Magix telephone system. I also know the Partner telephone system as well. And of course the Voice Mails that these systems use.


I am a retired Tier-3 Technical Support Engineer formally employed by AVAYA, Lucent & AT&T. I was a TIER-3 Engineer on these products BEFORE they were products. Besides assisting Technicians on problems with these products, I was responsible to contact Bell Labs with product issues.

University of HARD KNOCKS, and several courses in the telephone industry. Also, I was a UNIX system administrator.

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