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Your comment about Voice Mail is what drew my attention rather than the telephone systems.  I'm not sure the name our telephone system goes by.  We have a T1 line coming in and our twenty five or so phones are Samsung.  Our voice mail is through an external computer connected to the phone panel in our utility room.  The hard drive died on the computer so we are looking at alternatives.  Technology may have changed a lot since we originally had the system installed, so I wonder if there is some simple and inexpensive voice mail system that could be used rather than the thousands of dollars that a new voice mail and likely new phone system would cost.


The cheapest Voice Mail option is usually the one provided by your carrier.  Of course, that's limited to only one line, and may not fit your needs.

I service the Merlin Legend/Magix telephone system which is no longer in production.  However, there are SEVERAL of these on the various Auction Sites at phenomenally low prices, including e-mail. Telephone sets may be the biggest part of any such investment, but I think a careful buyer could upgrade to one of these systems for a lot less than THOUSANDS of Dollars.  

One main consideration of such an upgrade would be to know just how many pairs of wires your current telephones use. Some of these NEW/OLD systems use only one pair of wires where as others use 2 pairs.

Telephony--Clecs, Long Distance

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Jack Morgan


I will be glad to answer questions about your Merlin Legend and/or Magix telephone system. I also know the Partner telephone system as well. And of course the Voice Mails that these systems use.


I am a retired Tier-3 Technical Support Engineer formally employed by AVAYA, Lucent & AT&T. I was a TIER-3 Engineer on these products BEFORE they were products. Besides assisting Technicians on problems with these products, I was responsible to contact Bell Labs with product issues.

University of HARD KNOCKS, and several courses in the telephone industry. Also, I was a UNIX system administrator.

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