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Telephony--Clecs, Long Distance/Port Number CenturyLink to Comcast


Hi Fred,

About two months ago, I switched from a Dish Network/CenturyLink bundle to a Comcast bundle.  Comcast messed up and did not port my old phone number properly, and now says that CenturyLink needs to "reactivate" my phone number.  CenturyLink says they cannot reactivate my phone number without me having all of the equipment reinstalled.  Is this true?



Your telephone number is associated with your telephone service, not with the equipment you use on the line.  There might be equipment in the telephone company central office that must be installed to reactivate your number, of that I'm not entirely certain.  I suggest you file a complaint with the FCC, give them all the details, then let the FCC work it out with the two companies:

Be sure and select "Number portability" under "Phone Issues".  Good luck and let me know how it turns out.  

Telephony--Clecs, Long Distance

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