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Television Trivia/miniature people living in doll house


speecheroo wrote at 2008-07-24 18:04:50
Are you thinking of the episode of the Twilight Zone where the "miniature" people were a gift from a young girl's dad (I thought brought home in a brief case...)but the folks were real live people trapped in her play area?

There was also another one where a man with a dead-end briefcase job went to a museum every day to see the miniature people acting out their Victorian lives. Don't know, but it would put it into your time frame...I'll keep thinking :)

Monica wrote at 2008-11-09 04:23:35
There was an Episode of the "Twilight Zone" that I vaguely remeber . A couple was driving along a dark highway and the next thing they know is they are in a dollhouse setting. It was in black and white and I was very young. I do remeber the ending was that they had been captured by an alien as play toys for the alien child. Hope this helps.

zwit wrote at 2009-10-16 22:51:02
I saw the show too and found the name of the series  a few years back ago, but have now unfortunately forgotten the name of the TV show. I remember that it was syndicated and not seen in all markets throughout the U.S. It aired in the early 1960's, normally Fiday evenings, and was only around for a season or two. The premise was that the "mini" man was a spy and was taken by a normal sized man by briefcase into a place to spy. He lived in a dollhouse and sat strapped in a mini chair inside the case. Once on site, exited the end of the briefcase to do his covert work.

CJ wrote at 2011-05-28 15:03:58
The movie is Indian in the Cupboard...try it... :)  

Dean wrote at 2015-07-04 12:55:13
I don't think it'd be Child's Play, -in that it's a twist at the end that they were toys in a futuristic dollhouse that'd been left in an oven. There's no interaction between them and the real people.

I'd look at Gerry Anderson's show 'The Secret Service', which has a character with a 'minimiser', -there's a bit in that show about putting someone in a briefcase.

Or possibly worth looking at the Borrowers series adaptation. Since they lived in a model house in a miniature village at one point.

Question asker would've been about 16 for the former and 20 for the latter by my calculation.  

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