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Television Trivia/Title of 1980's night time TV drama


Mike Hensel wrote at 2009-05-15 03:04:16
Bernice, the show you are looking for was called, "Family"... it ran on the ABC Television Network from March of 1976 to June of 1980...

This prime-time soap opera starred Sada Thompson as Kate Lawrence, wife of Doug Lawrence (James Broderick), a lawyer. They had 3 kids: oldest daughter Nancy (Meredith-Baxter Birney) a divorcee with a child; rebellious son Willie (Gary Frank); and 13-year-old daughter Letitia, nicknamed "Buddy", (Kristy McNichol) who, because of the other 2 and the attention the parents gave them, felt unwanted and ran away from home...

The adopted daughter was Annie Cooper (Quinn Cummings), who never got comfortable being with the Lawrences...

The show was set in Pasadena, California...

I hope this answers your Query !!!

Take Care,


Faron wrote at 2014-09-20 01:13:30
I think the show was called  Family  the little girl was Christy Mc Nicole That is the only show I remember with the pictures on a piano showed in opening. I really liked that show.  

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