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Jerry D. Withers wrote at 2009-11-19 10:57:51
Good gosh, I can still remember the lyrics!

"Glenn Ford, you're adored

Ever since we first saw you in 'Gilda'

Glenn Ford, you're adored

More than Lee J. Cobbor some old broad named Hilda

Glenn Ford, all aboard

May your ship of success never sink

I love you with all my might

But I still reserve the right

To say to you,

Glenn Ford,

You stink!"

And to think I can still recall it after only hearing it once!  

Lynn Wilson wrote at 2015-05-19 02:29:51
I am SO glad to have finally found the words to this Ronny Graham ditty!  Here is another one (by the Grand Mr. Graham) that I do remember the words to:

Mia Farrow, you're so narrow,

If I were your beau, you'd be my arrow!

Thanks for the bringing back a great memory from my youth!  

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