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QUESTION: Who is the actor that played 'Little Timmy' in the 'Ma and Pa Kettle' movies and later in the Disney TV series 'Spin & Marty', & where is he now?

ANSWER: Kathleen, I can't find any mention of a "Little Timmy" in any of the Ma and Pa Kettle movies...

The 2 stars of the "Spin and Marty" series are Tim Considine and David Stollery... and I can't find either of their names in any credits of any of the Ma and Pa Kettle movies...

Mr. Considine ("Spin") nowadays is a famous photographer, an automobile historian, and a writer specializing in motor sports... he is 71, and has been married to his current wife, Willette, since 1979...

Mr. Stollery ("Marty") quit acting while in his teens, and is now a noted industrial designer... in 1978, while with Toyota, he designed the second generation Toyota Celica... he is also 71, born 19 days after Tim Considine...

I hope this answers your query !!!

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QUESTION: Try Patrick Miller.  He may also have been part of the. Mickey Mouse Club.

OK, there's a Patrick Miller in the 1954 movie, "Ma and Pa Kettle at Home", playing TEDDY Kettle... he's the 3rd of 4 different actors to play that part in the Kettle movie series... Ted is the seventh of the 15 total Kettle children (Tom, Danny, Donny, Sara, George, Henry, Ted, Susie, Willie, Ruthie, Sally, Eve, Rosie, Nancy, Billy)...

He also played the part of "Rick" on the Spin and Marty series...

Looking at IMDb, most of his performances are uncredited, and was active between 1949 and 1961... his last role listed on IMDb is as narrator of an 30-minute educational anti-drug film called, "Narcotics: Pit of Despair" in 1967...

He is not listed in the cast of The Mickey Mouse Club...

I'm getting mixed signals about this fella... in the same year (1953), he played the uncredited role as "Kid" in the movie, "Girls in the Night", while playing the uncredited role of "Soldier" in the movie "From Here to Eternity", the uncredited role of "Intern" in the movie "The Big Heat", and the uncredited role of "Deputy" in the movie "The Wild One"... and this was A YEAR BEFORE his role as Teddy Kettle !!!

There's absolutely no biographical information on him... I have no idea how old we was when playing these parts, but by the descriptions of his roles, he seems to be an adult in most of them...

When I Google the name "Patrick Miller", it comes back with 72 million results !!!

Here is the link to the filmography of this "Patrick Miller" at IMDb (there's 18 of them, and he is number one !!!

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